Cryokinesis Wellness Studio

Cryokinesis is an advanced cryotherapy wellness and recovery studio located in Chennai. Our luxurious wellness studio is equipped with the most sophisticated whole-body cryotherapy chamber currently available in the world. Our meticulously curated recovery and wellness programs are used by individuals from all walks of life to overcome multiple conditions such as inflammation reduction, muscle recovery, arthritis, joint pains, performance enhancement, anti-ageing and weight loss.

At Cryokinesis, our goal is to provide people of all ages and fitness levels an innovative and stress-free approach towards cryotherapy and give them the opportunity to reset their body in the most natural and quickest way possible.


We firmly believe that once you undergo a cryotherapy treatment within our well-appointed environment, you will be wanting for more. Our therapists are trained to provide you with utmost luxury and care during your time. After every session, your mind and body will be in sync nourishing you in a fine state of wellbeing.

Come and experience Chennai’s first dedicated Cryotherapy Wellness Studio.


Our Vision

Be India’s leading provider of Whole-Body Cryotherapy services

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Our Partners


CryoSpace is one of the leading whole body cryo chamber manufacturers in the world with its headquarters in Poland. Backed by years of research, CryoSpace has incorporated a patented air circulation system in their cryo chambers that help provide uniform cooling across the chamber ensuring that the guest get optimal level of exposure to the ultra-cooled air.

CryoSpace products are currently available in more than 27 countries around the world including more than 100 installations at some of the top tier sports clubs, athlete training centres, wellness spas and at healthcare providers. Cryo Chambers from CryoSpace are the most innovative and technologically advanced products currently available in the world that provides its user with one of the most effective and comfortable experience undergoing cryotherapy.