girl doing workout after cryotherapy session

Performance and Fitness

Sports performers and athletes are embracing cryotherapy to assist them perform better in their field. Using cryotherapy, one can perform harder, longer and also recover quicker achieving more results. High levels of oxygen-rich blood are forced to flow through the body due to the exposure of sub-zero temperatures resulting in reduced inflammation, pain relief and enhanced muscle recovery.

Whether you are professional athlete, bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, marathon runner or just a calm exerciser, cryotherapy sessions help increase the repair of your strained muscles keeping you in top form to achieve the goals you set.

Whole Body Cryotherapy provides performing enhancing benefits both Pre & Post workout and matches.

    Notable benefits

  • Pre - Session
    • Improves Stamina and Energy levels
    • Delivers greater on-field performance
    • Increases Flexibility, Motion range and Strength of Muscles
  • Post - Session
    • Quicker Recovery from Fatigue
    • Relief from Post Match pain and stress
    • Accelerate healing of muscles and tissues
    • Reduce Swelling, Soreness and Inflammation