whole body cryotherapy in chennai

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy or WBC as its commonly known is a state of the art cold based therapy. It involves exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures in the range of -140°C to - 190°C for a period of upto 3 minutes.

During this short period of exposure, the skin surface temperature drops to near 0°C. This stimulates the brain and triggers numerous organ regulatory functions that are noted to provide benefits from injury recovery, weight loss, mental boost to anti-aging.

To ensure the core temperature is maintained, the body causes the blood vessels to undergo ‘Vasoconstriction’, which results in high blood circulation within the inner vessels. This enhanced blood flow through Cryotherapy releases increased levels of Endorphins are also released in the brain, that help in improving physiological well being and inhibit pain signals. Cryotherapy also enriches the flow of red blood cells with oxygen, nutrients and other enzymes to our core organs along with flushing out toxins from them during this rapid circulation.

Once the whole body cryotherapy session is completed, the blood vessels undergo ‘Vasodilation’. The blood now flows back from the inner tissues, deep muscles and organs back to the surface of the skin to warm it. During this recovery phase, each cell of the body receives a generous boost of the now enriched blood which helps to restore our body to its prime state. The effects of this recovery can be felt for about 16-20 hours after every session. The invigorated body is now in a state of increased energy, vitality and experiences reduction in body pain and inflammation.

Cryotherapy improves blood circulation, metabolism, immune system, the natural healing capacity of the body as well as aiding in removal of toxins. The brief and intense cold exposure to the body also helps in anti-aging, muscle regeneration, reduced inflammation, enhanced cell survival in addition to triggering analgesic effect that brings physiological benefits like improved sleep, reduction in stress levels, betterment in mind clarity, increase in fat loss as well as skin revitalization.