girl starting session in Cryotherapy

Preparing yourself

    Initial Consultation

  • We will be happy to understand and discuss your goals and expectations from the therapy
  • We then try and understand your health history and any Contraindications to the therapy
  • Preparing you for the session

  • Our trained therapist will lead you to our CryoSpa room.
  • You will be requested to change from your everyday clothes into a comfortable clothing in accordance to our dress code.
  • All jewellery and metal ornaments must be removed and placed in the locker.
  • You must ensure that you are completely dry.
  • You may now put on your Robe and press the buzzer to invite the therapist inside the room.
  • The therapist will remind you once again if any metals or ornaments are present.

    Starting your session

  • Once you are comfortable, the therapist will invite you into the chamber.
  • Once you enter, the chamber floor will elevate itself to ensure your head and neck is above the chamber. This helps in easy communication between the therapist and yourself.
  • You can now remove your robe and hand it over the therapist to ensure maximum skin exposure
  • Therapist will inform you about the protocols and the flow of the therapy.
  • Once you are ready, the session begins with cool air entering the chamber.
  • During the Session

  • You are free to move around the chamber to warm yourself.
  • The therapist is always in visual contact during the session and keeps interacting with you.
  • Once the session is completed, the chamber floor will return back to the original position.
  • The therapist will hand over the robe to you so that you may exit the chamber.
girl sitting relaxed in cryokinesis
workout after cryotherapy

    Post your session

  • In order to accelerate the rise in temperature, it is recommend to do mild cardio exercise for about 10 minutes.

Cryotherapy is not a test of your endurance to withstand cold temperature. It is a holistic therapy to improve your overall wellbeing. We firmly believe you know your body better than anyone, hence during any point of the session if you feel uncomfortable, kindly inform the therapist and the session can be immediately suspended. You are in control of the session at all times as the chamber door is never locked.

    Dress Code

  • For Men, comfortable shorts without any metal objects on them (or) innerwear.
  • For Women, Sports Bra/Half Tank Top with comfortable shorts without any metal objects on them (or) innerwear.
  • Socks and Gloves for protection to Hand and Feet
  • A robe will be provided to move inside the room.